I UK [ˈriːz(ə)n] / US [ˈrɪz(ə)n] noun
Word forms "reason":
singular reason plural reasons
Get it right: reason:
After reason, use the preposition for, not of:
Wrong: The main reason of poverty is unemployment.
Right: The main reason for poverty is unemployment.
Wrong: A doctor can't operate if he doesn't know the reason of the illness.
Right: A doctor can't operate if he doesn't know the reason for the illness.
Other words meaning reason:
cause the reason that something happens or that you feel a particular emotion: The probable cause of death was drowning. Fifty years after the war, scholars still disagree about its causes. excuse a reason you give in order to explain why you did something bad or wrong: She gave some excuse about being too sick to finish her essay. explanation a fact or set of facts that tells you why something happened: There was no obvious explanation for his sudden disappearance. grounds a word used in official or legal situations, meaning a good or fair reason for doing something: His repeated violence towards her was given as grounds for divorce. Permission for the march was refused, on grounds of public safety. motivation someone's personal reason for doing something: The other runners' times were fast, and that gave me motivation to push even harder. motive someone's personal reason for doing something, especially something dishonest or illegal: Police are unsure about a motive for the crime. pretext a false reason you give for doing something in order to hide your real reason: He got into the warehouse on the pretext of making a building inspection. purpose the goal that you want to achieve: The purpose of Tuesday's meeting is to finalize the schedule.
1) [countable] a fact, situation, or intention that explains why something happened, why someone did something, or why something is true
reason for:

The police asked her the reason for her visit.

reason for doing something:

Could you explain your reasons for choosing this particular course?

reason why:

The reason why so many people caught the disease is still not clear.

reason (that):

The reason these cars are so expensive is that they are largely built by hand.

for a reason:

The woman cannot be named for legal reasons.

give a reason:

Our application was rejected, but the council gave no reason for its decision.

for the simple/obvious/good reason (that):

We can't take you all, for the simple reason that there isn't enough room in the car.

Adjectives frequently used with reason
▪  compelling, good, legitimate, logical, main, major, obvious, primary, principal, simple, valid Verbs frequently used with reason as the object ▪  cite, explain, give, outline, pinpoint, provide, specify, state
2) [uncountable] a good or clear cause for doing something or thinking something
reason for:

With plenty of orders coming in, there is reason for optimism about the company's future.

reason to do something:

Is there any reason to believe that she isn't telling the truth?

there is every reason to do something (= there are very clear reasons):

There was every reason to expect that he would agree.

with reason/not without reason:

He has refused to pay, not without reason.

have no reason to do something:

She has no reason to shout at you.

see no reason/not see any reason (= when there is no obvious reason why something should happen):

I can't see any reason for refusing their invitation.

3) [uncountable] a way of behaving that most people accept as sensible

She had reason on her side.

listen to/see reason:

He finally saw reason and gave me the gun.

reason prevails (= wins):

Fortunately, reason prevailed and she did not marry him.

within reason (= according to what is sensible):

Let your children have their freedom, within reason.

4) [uncountable] the human ability to think in an intelligent way, make sensible decisions, and form clear arguments

His assessment of the situation is based on sheer emotion, not reason.

due to/for reasons beyond someone's control — used for saying that you are not responsible for something that has happened, especially when you are sorry about it

Due to reasons beyond our control, all flights are suffering delays.

for no (apparent) reason — without an obvious cause

Sometimes the dog would bark for no apparent reason.

for reasons best known to himself/herself etc — used for saying that you do not understand why someone does something

George, for reasons best known to himself, was wearing a flower in his hair.

for reasons of economy/safety/security etc — used for showing why a particular thing is done

The design was changed purely for reasons of safety.


II UK [ˈriːz(ə)n] / US [ˈrɪz(ə)n] verb
Word forms "reason":
present tense I/you/we/they reason he/she/it reasons present participle reasoning past tense reasoned past participle reasoned
1) [transitive] formal to make a particular judgment after you have thought about the facts of a situation in an intelligent and sensible way
reason (that):

We reasoned that they would not dare leave before dark.

2) [intransitive] to have the ability to think in an intelligent way, make sensible decisions, and form clear arguments
Phrasal verbs:

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